Skin Inspired - Hair Facial

It's true, our hair is an extension of our skin.  Therefore, we should treat it as such.  We would like to invite you to visit our salon, Lola Hair Studio, to try our new customized hair treatment. We have taken the idea of a facial and applied it to the hair to create a soft, shiny, hydrated everyday look. This unique treatment will not only boost hydration and shine, it is also great as a pre- treatment for a coloring service. Your hair will look and feel like a million bucks!  Read more below.

Copy of Skin Inspired.png

Here's what happens.  Your stylist will have a hair and scalp consultation with you to determine what the needs are.  Then your stylist will decide on the best exfoliant and after treatment for your hair and scalp.  Everyone can use a hair facial!  Here are some examples of why your hair may benefit from a Hair Facial:

  • Mineral/well water build-up
  • Product build-up
  • Brassy or dull blonde
  • Hair needing youth, revitalization or a refresh
  • Dry, itchy scalp from product build-up
  • Clean palette before a color service
  • Hair needing vibrance, hydration or repair

Then, you will be escorted to the shampoo sink to exfoliate the hair, then your head will be wrapped in a warm aromatherapy (if desired) towel and placed under heat for 5 minutes.  After the exfoliant is rinsed, you will enjoy the appropriate finishing mask or treatment and a luxurious head massage.  You're then off to your next service - be it a blow dry, haircut or color, relaxed and refreshed.

Posted on July 24, 2018 .