Maximize Your Fine or Thin Hair

When styling fine hair, there are special tips, tricks and techniques to help you recreate your salon look or create your own special event hair that will last well into the night. Here at Lola Hair Studio, you can always ask our stylists for how-to’s and product recommendations to style and maintain your perfect look.


     To emphasize a head of fine hair, a good cut is imperative. Talk with your stylist about what you can do to achieve a fuller look. There are plenty of techniques your stylist can use when cutting to maximize your locks.

      When blow-drying fine hair with a volumizing blowdry spray or mousse, the key is a where the hair cools. Think of it like a fresh baked cookie. When they are hot, they’re soft and fall apart but when cooled, they set and hold their shape. It’s the same kind of thing when using a brush and blowdryer.

To create volume through the crown (include top 2 sides of the hair 2” behind hairline):

  • Using a blowdryer and brush, dry the section then hold the hair up with the brush letting the root cool before letting the section down to go to the next

  • Or use velcro rollers! Either wrap the section of hair you just blow-dried with a brush around the roller or just pop the roller underneath the root, closest to the top of that section for maximum lift

  • When finishing, lift each section, take out the roller and spray a texture spray like Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray or Swept Up Powder Spray. Then tousle the roots to distribute and shake any excess product

  • For extra reinforcement, you can also lightly back comb starting about an inch above the scalp.


     What to do if your curls fall out soon after you finish styling? Products with grip and special prep techniques will help immensely. Fine hair is like silk. Silk slides and slips, which is great with hair if you are going for a straight, smooth finish, not so conducive to curls and upstyles. Adding a texture product creates more of a velcro effect, the hair helping itself stay in place. After your hair is dry, prep for curls by adding texture products from roots to end, concentrating most on the roots.

A useful prepping technique is to crimp before curling (and before creating an upstyle):

  • Take a medium section of hair and pull out straight from the head. Using a mini corrugated crimper (much like the Bed Head Mini Travel Crimper), crimp close to the root, skip a similar sized section, crimp, skip, crimp, all the way down the hair shaft. Do this for every or every other section.

  • After crimping is done, let the hair cool completely

  • Curl your hair as usual, making sure to break up those sections so that when it’s finished you can still slightly see the texture but there are no fully defined sections of crimping.


     When it comes to creating bodacious styles with fine hair, think of it all as a house. The cut being the foundation, the crimping as the walls, the texture spray and cooling as the support beams and hairspray as the roof.  Although it sounds like a lot, once you get it down, it’ll actually cut your styling time as these are simple tricks are meant to help get and keep the look you want without the need to restyle or the worry over your style lasting the night.

Posted on May 25, 2018 .