Why is a Lola Color Different?

Written by:  The staff at Lola Hair Studio

We know you are comparing color services, why wouldn’t you?  We thought it was important for you to know all of the wonderful things that are taken into consideration when deciding on your color service.  

Since the staff at Lola Hair Studio takes an expert approach at color services, we wanted to explain what a color service means to us.  There are so many terms for a color service, it’s difficult for the guest to know what they are asking for and what they are getting. We hope this blog post will clarify things.  For today’s purpose, we are discussing an overall or root color - we’ll get into highlights another time.

What is a One-Step or Single Process Color?

A One-Step/Single process color is the service of coloring your hair in one step.  It means that only one process is being done to your hair. Now, this can mean many things - maybe it’s your first time and you are coloring your virgin hair or maybe you are retouching a color that has grown out since your last service.  If you are doing a retouch, the idea is that you would be coloring the new growth to match (or adjust/change) the prior color.

Let’s use an example.  If you are keeping the prior color the same, the idea would be that you would “retouch” the roots that grew in...but what about the rest of the hair?   Hair Color durability lasts about 6 weeks depending on shampooing and environment. Therefore, the hair that has already been colored, usually needs an adjustment whether it’s brass, tonal or dull.  What some salons do is bring the regrowth color through your ends either during some part of your service or at the sink in what is called a “soap cap”. If the regrowth color is a permanent color, this can be damaging since the rest of your hair has already been colored. You can wind up with a dull, matte, over colored result.  The alternative is to get a glaze/toner for the hair that has been previously colored to refresh it. This is called a color balance. The designer is balancing your color based on a consultation and what the expert sees fit in each scenario. It is very similar to what you would do to your skin. After cleansing, we add what is needed to replenish and enhance our skin tone and texture.  In some salons, this is an a la carte charge. At Lola, we include everything in one price. This way, it’s always complete - all of your hairs have been colored to ensure a consistently beautiful, conditioned and lustrous result. In addition, we use great products that are superior in the market to maintain good health for your hair. One of the glazes used is called Goldwell Colorance. Colorance is the first demi-permanent color with IntraLipid Technology that repairs the hair structure.  The other, Redken Shades EQ is a color that thinks it’s a conditioner. Both have no ammonia and add shine while enhancing your color.   


We love what we do, and we take pride in what we do and we want you to know that we always have the best for you in mind.  


Posted on April 24, 2018 .