Hair Color for Men - What are my options??

Written by:  Sasha Sears

Photo Credits:  Goldwell USA

Photo Credits:  Goldwell USA

The hair color world is an intimidating doorway to enter but a service that lets you to relax and unwind while making you look younger? Women get to indulge and men can, too. Here are some tips to help you navigate the basic hair color services that are offered to men to help you look your best.

Reshading is basically a full coverage all-over color. This service is best for men with 50% or more grey hair or if you’d like a new look, especially a drastic change or to add a fashion color to your ‘do. This service comes with the most upkeep. Expect to be in the chair every 3-6 weeks to keep your look fresh.

Grey Blending is a quick service to help men with 50% or less grey hair. A demi permanent color covers your greys to match your regular hair color. This allows the overall look to be the most natural as this service is meant to blend but not 100% cover. This means the color diffuses and fades naturally into your roots so that there is no solid line of regrowth. Think of this as a color pencil shading vs drawing with a permanent marker on your hair. This service is the most conditioning, which is great at helping to tame those coarser greys. It’s a great option if you are looking for about 6-12 weeks between services. Of course, your stylist will be able to tell you how long would be ideal as it depends on your style, cut and texture. This is also a service you can receive on your beard!

If you have permanent color services done and tend to part your hair in the same place, ask about the part and temple color service. This helps extend the time between all over and full head root touch up appointments. It only takes a couple minutes to apply and it hides the most obvious areas so you can keep your greys and regrowth hidden without sitting for a full service.

There are more involved services if you want to add say, a pop of bright color or highlights. The most important part of any color service is a thorough consultation with your stylist so feel free to come prepared with your goal and any questions, concerns or pictures you’d like. Your stylist will also let you know what it will take to maintain your color based on your haircut, texture and style so that you can pick the option that best suits your needs and lifestyle. You are more than welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss a customized color with one of our talented stylists at Lola Hair Studio or you can always pick their creative brains during your next haircut appointment!

Stay tuned for Styling Options for men!

Posted on March 3, 2018 .