Keratin Blowdries and Treatments


Have you been thinking about a keratin service to tame your hair during the rainy spring season? In deciding which option is best for you and your lifestyle, a thorough consultation is the most important part. The stylists at Lola Hair Studio are experts in the application and benefits of these services, but here are some tips to think about before your consultation.


           Both treatments will reduce frizz, add shine, seal in color, decrease blowdry time and fight humidity by creating a protein layer around your hair strands. This fills in any damaged areas, helps calm volume and curl, repairs split ends and strengthens hair to make it more manageable. Make sure you take home the shampoo and conditioner your stylist recommends as it is imperative to keeping your keratin benefits as long as possible. 

          Traditional treatments tend to use formaldehyde and harsher chemicals that may be hazardous to breathe in. The full treatment leaves you with product in your hair and a 3 day waiting period during which you cannot do anything to crease it, such as tucking it behind your ear and putting it in a ponytail. The keratin treatments used at Lola Hair Salon is Goldwell Kerasilk, it is customizable, formaldehyde-free and safe for sensitive scalps. When you leave the salon, much like the Brazilian Blowout, there is no product residue in your hair and there is no waiting period. The Kerasilk Express results are equivalent to the blowout and the full keratin treatment is also offered.

Kerasilk Blowout

          This service is quicker and more convenient than a full keratin treatment, taking about 90 minutes in the salon. It lasts about 1 month, depending on how you care for it. After this treatment, most of the natural texture is still intact but much calmer and easier to manage.  It builds upon itself so it gets better with every treatment.


Kerasilk Treatment

          This treatment takes about 2-3 hours in the chair and leaves the hair sleeker and straighter, reduces volume and calms curls more intensely than the blowout. This is great for super curly hair, those with coarse or thick hair and wiry grey hair. The treatment typically lasts about 3+ months, again, depending on care and strength of curl pattern.


We at Lola Hair Studio believe in keeping your hair as healthy and beautiful as possible while creating an enjoyable experience in our salon. We chose Goldwell Kerasilk because of the results and that it makes for a more pleasant service without the fumes and harmful chemicals of traditional keratin treatments. All of the Goldwell Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner lines for at home care are specifically designed to work with these treatments.

Posted on March 10, 2018 .