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Lola Hair Studio is proud and happy to support the HairToStay nonprofit organization for the second year in a row! This is the first and only organization dedicated to helping cancer patients afford scalp cooling, a treatment that helps reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. We will be donating 5% of all services between December 26th and January 5th. Keeping normalcy in one’s life can help keep the confidence that often goes a long way when facing any battle, including such a stressful, life changing ordeal as cancer.

This treatment is somewhat new to the US but has been used successfully for decades in Europe. Cooling the scalp during chemo helps prevent hair loss by reducing blood flow to hair follicle cells. This method helps expose the follicles less to chemotherapy medications and reduces the effect of chemo medications on the hair growth.

There are two kinds of caps, manual and automated. Manual caps must be changed throughout treatment. They require a source of refrigeration to keep replacement caps cold – usually dry ice, although some centers have dedicated freezers. Automated Systems are self-contained refrigeration units that continuously cool the cap during treatment, eliminating the need for multiple caps.

HairToStay was launched in April 2016, with a goal of building a national subsidy program that could be supported by partnerships with both philanthropic and commercial organizations.

HairToStay has raised over $1M and has awarded subsidies to over 800 patients!

Lola Hair Studio will be donating 5% of all services between December 26th and January 5th to help support the accessibility of these caps to patients who may otherwise not be able to afford one. Please help us in our efforts to give cancer patients an opportunity to reduce at least one stressor in their fight against cancer.


Posted on November 9, 2018 .