Fall Hair Inspiration

Fall is the perfect time to make a change in your hair, and it’s fun for your stylist too!  Whether you’d like to change to an easier style, a deeper shade, or new shaping, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you that are trending this fall.  See below for inspiration for men and women.


Women’s Cuts

Everyone is cutting the long lengths!  Shorter cuts and shags are the go-to this year. No more super long beach waves, this fall it’s time to take off all of the summer damage. From chin length to collarbone, there is a cut for any face shape and texture. Go for shaggy layers on longer lengths, for an easy to care for cut with plenty of movement and styling versatility.  Styles can go from 70’s glamour to 90’s grunge or mix in a little of both.


For shorter styles, keep the layers a little bit longer for a constructed yet soft shape. This works well on fine to medium crops. For thick or curly girls, The triangle bob is catching like wildfire. The name is intimidating but it’s cut quite like the other short bobs for straight hair, with longer layers. This cut is all about creating a shape that works with your bulk instead of deconstructing it.

Women’s Color

With the cooler days, hair color tends to get deeper, richer and more dimensional. If you’re not looking to completely overhaul your signature shade, have no fear! These fall trends are all about mixing in to what you’re already rocking.


If you’re blonde, you’ve probably put in a lot of effort to get it there and maintain it. If you want to switch it up without creating a whole new you, why not try a new tone? A honey blonde glaze will change your look and it will be sure to fade as the weeks move into winter. Or put in a few tone on tone blonde placement pieces to create dimension, add a little depth and make your existing blonde really pop.

Ravishing Reds

There’s nothing quite like a red-head.  If you can wear red, you absolutely should, says Lola Hair Studio owner, Anna Walsh.  If you’re a natural red head, enhance your fire with a rich, high gloss color or multiple tones for a more interesting look.  Tones we’re seeing fall more in the “natural” red category or auburn. Golden Coppers, Cinnamon & Orange Infused Auburn are just a few ways to step out this fall.

If you are using color to warm up your tones, there are great ways to impart some spice. If you’re a brunette on the ashy side, weave in some auburn or ginger highlights (depending on how dark your hair is). This creates a soft cool red that still goes with your skin tone and allows you to walk on the wild side without fully committing to becoming a redhead. And chestnut tresses are a perfect match for the rose brown trend! It’s the new rose gold that can be better customized to fit any skin tone.



Rich, deep browns are often a fall favorite, this year tone on tone hues and color melting hold strong. If you stick to a one process, and are feeling sassy this fall, tone on tone placement pieces are your best bet. Your stylist can paint in some deeper or mixed toned placement pieces. This technique brings you color to a whole new level while still staying true to your classic brunette. Think of it as your very own signature color. Check out Mila Kunis, Vanessa Hudgens, Gal Gadot, Tessa Thompson and Olivia Culpo’s brunette shades for inspiration! Mixing warm and cool tones is totally on point this fall as well. Mushroom brown (super ugly name, super rad shades) mixes in lots of violet undertones, leaving a flattering (for almost every brunettes), smoldering pallette. For those with already ashy tones, adding neutral to warm brown adds depth and creates a smoky brown fit for a flannel/hot chocolate party.

beard-eyewear-face-874158 (1).jpg


Gone are the days of structured coifs and layering products, men’s hair is going back to basics just in time to match with the comfort of a button down flannel or a cool classic leather jacket. This fall, all men’s cuts are based on old classics with just little changes to update and customize to each crop. This means whether your hair is fine, wavy, thick, curly, straight, or thin, you can make one of these styles work.

Those who like length and need to migrate from a topknot or manbun (and please do), this season you can brush it back. This cut is great with or without a part, as you can slick it back for a more refined night out or just loosely push it back with your hands when you’re just lounging out during say.. a horror movie marathon. The length should stay between chin and collar.

Use your natural texture, done - but undone and for crying out loud put something in it!  If you have fine hair, products will help give it the look of texture and density. Thick/Wavy?  The right products will help tame the wild beast and also keep you from looking like you’re wearing a helmet.  Think Antonio Banderas. His short crop is super curly but when it’s collar length, he’s able to comb it back and keep it tamed. Bradley Cooper and Patrick Dempsey are great examples of this look working with wavy hair. Longer lengths always need extra moisture, especially curly and wavy hair. Ask your stylist what your best options are in styling and products for your hair type.

Beards are getting a little bit easier to maintain as well. No clean shaven faces here. Rocking everything from 4 day stubble to a full, grown out manicured face mane, a little slack on the trimmers is the name of the game. The one trend that's been cropping up is the beardstache. A combination of stubble and ‘stache, this allows for low maintenance upkeep as long as its groomed correctly. Grow the ‘stache beyond the corners of the mouth but not beyond the jawline. This will not work with patchy beards (sorry you guys may just need to stick to clean shaven or next day stubble). This look gives the masculine ruggedness of sporting an all out beard while still being appropriate enough to live life indoors and keep your 9 to 5. But when you do spend a night around the campfire, that little scruff will keep your face protected from the cold.

Autumn marks the beginning of a new round of social adventures. So while you’re warming up next to the fire, sipping on hot toddies or cozying up in thermals to keep warm, remember that when you look your best, your feel good confidence and energy radiate to those around you.

Posted on October 3, 2018 .