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Stylist Kerri Maurier has some information to share about what it takes to have blonde hair.

“The truth about being blonde is that it requires a little more TLC than our brunette and red haired ladies. Blonde hair is like a delicate piece of fabric and needs to be treated accordingly. To become blonde you are lifting color from your hair whether or it be from your natural or previously colored hair. This process can be done with a high lift color on virgin hair to create a natural look, or you would use a lightener to achieve the maximum level of lightness you desire. That being said, not all hair is created equal and may not be able to achieve that desired look and would be best to consult with your stylist at Lola Hair Studio to discuss what is obtainable.

Through the lifting process we are opening the cuticle of the hair and if not treated properly it can change the texture, cause lack in shine, leave hair more fragile, and subject it to breakage. At Lola Hair Studio we offer different treatments to bring blondes to their healthiest state. Some treatments we offer are bond builders, reparative masks, glazes, and take home treatments. The greatest thing to happen to blondes is a bond builder; it allows the hair to be lightened while strengthening each strand. At Lola Hair Studio we glaze the hair using Goldwell Colorance or Redken Shades. Glazes help condition the hair and seal down the cuticle. They can also be used to add shine, tone the hair, and add color to achieve desired end results.

As important as it is to use professional products when becoming blonde, it is equally as important to make sure that hair is being cared for at home. When your hair is wet it is in its most fragile state. Being a blonde can cause breakage when you tie your hair back when it is wet, or if you are being too rough with it when blow-drying. Reparative masks can be done in the salon and can also be purchased for the client to take home. These masks use premium skin care ingredients that moisturize and protect stressed hair. Take home treatments are essential to all blondes. We retail take home products by Oribe Hair Care and Goldwell Kerasilk which include reparative shampoos, conditioners and masks, color safe and moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and leave in treatments. Also it is essential to use a heat protectant on your hair when using hot tools and to be aware of the temperature the tools are set on.”

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Posted on January 6, 2018 .