Why you should love Dry Shampoo

Written by Sasha Sears for Lola Hair Studio

Dry shampoo has been commercially available since the 40s but in the last few years, sales have skyrocketed. This is in part, due to living in an age where anything that will help a girl ‘get up and go’ is priceless. Especially if that thing helps her look like she just left the salon.

All types and textures of hair can benefit from the use of dry shampoo. It is never recommended to wash your hair daily because it strips oils from hair and scalp. This puts your follicles into overproduction mode, trying to make up for all the oil you are constantly stripping away. This then can create split ends and leave hair dull, often oily at the root. Not to mention how much washing every day fades your color! This versatile product is most often used to absorb dirt and oil to extend the time between regular shampoos and to extend the life of a blowout. In general, a spray is easier to use than a shake-on powder as you have more control over product distribution. When using the aerosol, hold 6-8” away from the scalp, lifting hair in 2” subsections and spraying the roots through crown toward 1” from the hair line. Wait one minute for product to absorb oils and dirt then brush excess powder out or tousle with fingers. Dry shampoo can also be used on clean hair to build volume, create texture (think beachy waves) and create a base for up-dos or voluminous styles. Even when used to build up through hair, it washes out easily.

Although dry shampoo doesn’t tend to offer heat protection, some have UV protectors, strengtheners and moisturizers to keep hair looking fabulous for days on end. There are many different kinds on the market, our favorite brand is Oribe as they offer 3 different options that work for absolutely everyone. We will break down the functions of each and what type of hair it most benefits so you can find the one that works best for you.


Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, Thick Dry Finishing Spray and Dry Texturizing Spray are all great choices that we retail at Lola Hair Studio. All 3 extend blow-dries, use translucent powders to absorb oil, sweat and impurities, refresh hair with Oribe’s signature scent, have UV filters for scalp and especially color protection and you can use them from roots to ends if you’d like as none leave residue.


Gold Lust

Best for: thick, thick and curly, damaged and dry

·         Adds no texture, grip or weight

·         Fortifies hair for strength and softness

·         Leaves hair with bounce and movement


Dry Texturizing

Best for: fine and curly, wavy, oily, damaged, straight, in both clean and dirty states

·         Gives volume, texture and lift

·         Wheat proteins strengthen hair

·         Extends style hold with no residue

·         Leaves hair soft

Thick Dry Finishing

Best for: fine and straight, fine and curly, thin, very oily, in both clean and dirty states

·         Use to get big, thick hair

·         Adds density and dry hold

·         Swells cuticle to create fuller style

·         Light moisturizers to keep hair from being dull

Posted on January 27, 2018 .