Summer to Fall Transitions

Written by Kathy Zuluaga

It’s that time of year where we feel like the Summer flew by and the Fall is around the corner! It feels like 4th of July was just last week! Where did this Summer go?! When we think of Fall, many of us think of the cold months arriving, pale skin, and being indoors. But a trip to the salon can help us feel better about getting through these next few months! Once the Fall comes around we tend to transition from loose, fresh trends to more polished and chic looks to go along with the newest fall trends! So, if you are thinking of making a change here are some ways you can change your look from Summer to Fall!

Hair Color

Fall Hair Color.jpg

One of the most common changes clients make during this time of year is their hair color. During the Summer months, we tend to look for fun, fresh, sun-kissed hair. Hair colors tend to be on the lighter side like blondes and caramels, which go well with sun-kissed skin. For the Fall, clients tend to go for richer, lush colors like burgundies, elegant browns, taupes, gold-spun blondes and darker deeper reds to complement the lighter skin.

Hair Styles

Fall Hair styles.jpg

After hair color, the next most common fall trend is hairstyles. Hair cuts and styles during the Summer months look more effortless to give a free-spirited, vacation feel. Loose waves, messy ponytails, loose buns and curls all give that summer/ beach bohemian look.  For the Fall however, clients tend to go for more sophisticated and constructed hairstyles and cuts, although, still with an effortless look. They are more structured and chic like blowouts, sleek ponytails, and tailored geometric cuts with clean lines to go along with Fall clothing that’s more earth tone, posh and put together.

Fall means dark, earth tone colors like dark greens, burnt yellows, dark orange and red tones rather than bright and fresh colors as used in the summer. These colors can still be somewhat bright and act as a mid-point to help transition us to winter colors… but it’s still too early for that. We can leave that topic for a later time! For now, enjoy these last few weeks of summer and start thinking of what your Fall trend will be!!

Posted on September 7, 2017 .