Who is Lola?

Hair by Kerri Maurier - Inspired by Jayne Mansfield

Hair by Kerri Maurier - Inspired by Jayne Mansfield


Many people ask why I named the salon Lola Hair Studio and who is Lola?? I honestly thought the name wasn’t a big deal until my two Guest Care Receptionists asked me while in a meeting. I was able to give a thoughtful answer and I actually surprised myself! They suggested that I share it with all of you in a blog post, so here it is!



Somewhere along the way, I came to love the name Lola.  I guess I can’t pinpoint it exactly but I would imagine that it has to do with music, especially my love for Rock n’ Roll.  Musicians and songwriters name their songs after Lola, designers name their perfume, bags and clothing after Lola… I convinced my husband that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Lola.



Lola - to me - is a strong, independent woman who is confident and beautiful inside and out.  She always knows what to say or do in any situation, how to look great effortlessly (or so we think.) She is smart, loving and compassionate and mostly courageous.  I think about Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift - whether you like them or not their image and representation is powerful.  They make you feel something. They are magnetic or electric.  It also makes me think that all women have “Lola” in them and go through life with strength and grace and determination to be the best they can be.  



This is what I strive to be - a Lola.  So when it came time to name the salon it was the only name that really resonated with me.  Everything in the salon from the design to the fixtures to the staff embodies Lola.  



I want my guests and my staff to feel like a Lola - special, empowered and beautiful.  It’s in my heart so I guess I put it out without really labelling it.  I got a great compliment one day, someone said “The salon looks like you”.   Little did they know how much that meant and how grateful I feel that I am able to portray that message.  



With Love,


Anna Walsh


Posted on August 22, 2017 .