You should be Coloring your Brows

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Written By Jannelle Singleton

Your brows need special attention and they are kind of a big deal! As most of you probably are aware brows are all the rage these days. Your eyes/eyebrows are the first thing that we as humans notice about a person's face. It frames us and gives us structure. They have the power to transform our face. It doesn't matter if you have the most beautiful face or makeup. If your brows aren't perfect, they distract from your face. That being said that's where coloring comes in.

Coloring your brows will brighten up your face, bring out your eyes, soften your facial features and make you look well rested. Deepening them can define and enrich your overall brow shape. This process prevents the need to fill in your brows and really makes your eyes pop. All well giving you a soft and natural appearance. Coloring them will make them thicker and give them more substance the same way they do your hair. It can help you compensate for sparse brows or lack thereof. Coloring your brows is beneficial for those who are minimalists who want to look finished without any effort.

Brows should always be one to two shades darker than your hair and have the same tonality as your hair! So if you are a Redhead and you have ashy or brown brows you should most certainly be coloring them. Or if you are a warm Brunette but have a stark/ashy/or black brows you must soften the color and add subtle warmth.If you frequently change your hair color drastically you should always color them to make the hair color look real. Blondes can also benefit by either coloringing to deepen/add warmth, or lighten a bit. As there is never a reason to have Grey in your brows for any reason and Please no plucking it out! You need those hairs!! Also, for those of you that have decided to take the plunge and stop coloring your hair this is a great option for you as well. It will help to compensate for lack of definition or complexion due to not coloring your hair. This will help to buy back a few years. The most important person this is helpful for is the aging woman as everything is losing its structure and things are starting to settle or droop. This will give your eye/face a natural lift or boost.

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Posted on October 29, 2017 .