The 101 on Glazes/Toners and Deep Treatments

Written by Kathy Zuluaga



If you’re new into the hair treatments world like me you must wonder what a glaze or deep conditioning treatments are. Are they similar? Do they have the same benefits? How do we get them? So I did a little research and was able to put together some info on what each is! Here’s the 101 about Glazes and Deep Conditioning Treatments!

So what’s a glaze?

A Glaze is a semi-permanent color option that helps boost your color and can last about 4-6 weeks.  A glaze is also sometimes called a toner.

Who is it great for?

Glazes tend to not contain ammonia and work well for people who would like to add shine or a sheer color to their hair, especially if it appears drab and ashy. It is a deposit only color and will not lift your natural color. Depending upon the brand and the ingredients it can be very conditioning and even out the porosity of the hair.

How often should I get it done?

It can be done whenever you have a hair appointment at the salon or in between appointments if you would like a refresh. They usually last 4-6 weeks depending upon the home care being used and environment the hair is exposed to (ex. pool, sun, ocean).  You will need a pH balanced, color safe shampoo and conditioner to help the longevity of the glaze.  

What’s a Deep Conditioning Treatment?

A deep conditioner is a little stronger than your usual everyday conditioner. It works from the inside out to help restore and enhance the health of the hair. It adds shine and moisturizes the hair to prevent damage and breakage. It’s also a temporary solution for hair damage but the more frequently done, the more it will restore the hair and prevent damage.

Who can get a deep treatment?

Anyone can get a deep treatment! Deep conditioning treatments are meant for anyone who has ever added products, chemicals to their hair, anyone who blow-dries and straightens their hair, has colored their hair, etc. These are all common things we do to our strands and the more we do, the most damaged and weak they get! Deep conditioners help restore and maintain strength. It adds shine and elasticity benefiting any type of hair.

How often should I treat my hair?

Deep conditioning treatments can be done weekly as a part of your haircare routine. Depending on what you want to treat your hair for there are plenty of great products available for purchase. For example our Kerasilk Control conditioner can be used for hair that is very frizzy. The conditioner will help smooth out the hair more than your average conditioner. We also have some Oribe products that work great! For example the Oribe Signature conditioner helps moisturize and make your hair feel as if you just went to the salon! You can also treat your hair at your hair appointments. Hair salons have some more intense deep conditioners that can treat more damaged hair. The more often you treat your hair the healthier it will be and will prevent future damage from all we put our hair through!



Posted on October 10, 2017 .